ELP dedicated websites

You will find:
• a database with many downloadable portfolios
• ideas and tools for teacher education
• models and case studies of the ELP being used in different educational contexts
• ideas and tools to support the use of the ELP in different educational contexts
• projects run by the Council of Europe’s European Centre for Modern Languages in Graz, to support the use of the ELP
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You will find:
• documents on the origins of and principles behind the ELP
• reports on the ELP project at European level and on international seminars held under the aegis of the Council of Europe
• lists of registered and accredited ELP models
• a guide to compiling an ELP model
• templates and other resources
• the procedure for registering an ELP model
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The website and the published guide "The European Language Portfolio - A guide to the planning, implementation and evaluation of whole-school projects" introduce the language education policy that underpins the ELP, explores the key concepts that it embodies, and explains how to plan, implement and evaluate whole-school ELP projects.
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The Training teachers to use the European Language Portfolio website and book provide detailed background information about the European Language Portfolio and underlying pedagogic concepts. Guidance is offered on how to set up portfolio projects and use ELPs most profitably in the classroom. The website materials can be used as a core element in teacher training on the ELP.
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What is its added value?

  • promotes a single portal to ELP related materials developed in European projects in various languages in recent years;
  • connects ELP experts across Europe and provides non-experts interested in language learning with relevant information on what the ELP is all about.

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